Sunday 1 October 2023

Corstorphine Hill

We had a lovely walk around Corstorphine Hill yesterday. 


One of our favourite places to walk, and yesterday the trees were full of birds, which was lovely to see, particularly as so often it is an oddly quiet place for birds. We saw this Treecreeper carefully making its way up the tree trunk

while nearby we saw this Nuthatch, which had earlier being carefully making its way down a tree

Plus this Great Spotted Woodpecker

And this Carrion Crow 

There are still insects around, we saw a couple of Red Admiral Butterflies (though they were out of range of the cameras) and this Eupeoides Hoverfly that took a liking to Crafty Green Boyfriend's boot

And several ladybirds, mostly the invasive Harlequins 


We were fascinated by this Slime Mould that was growing in an old fallen tree (possibly the Egg Shell Slime Mould?)

and these Stump Puffball fungi 

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Lowcarb team member said...

Happy October Wishes.
Nice to see your photographs from your walk around Corstorphine Hill.

All the best Jan