Tuesday 31 October 2023

Autumn in the Dells

 The weather at the moment varies from torrential rain to beautiful blue skies. Today was beautiful, so I did my regular patrol along the Water of Leith

The Autumn colours are beautiful at the moment! This Beech tree right next to the river is more lovely in real life than is possible to show in photos (I often find this with autumn colours!)

This smaller beech tree looks particularly beautiful in the direct sunshine 

and the group of Hornbeams look lovely too

It's not just the trees, though, the leaves and rose hips on this Rosa rugosa bush are beautiful

The bridge over the river in Colinton Dell had been shut for repairs for a long time, and it's nice to see it open again at last

 While I was walking through the Dells, I heard geese calling and looked up to see over 100 Pink Footed Geese flying in formation high above my head!


Yesterday I gave a well received presentation on behalf of the North Merchiston Cemetery Friends Group to St Michael's Church Friendship Group. When I was coming out of the church, I took this photo of the cemetery, which from this angle looks like a woodland!

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