Tuesday 2 October 2012

Etsy Update and rabbity things

Some of you may know I recently set up the Crafty Green Poet shop on Etsy, selling a mix of craft supplies and handmade items, along with a couple of vintage items too.

I recently added some interesting pieces of sea pottery

and some lace dragonflies

to the Supplies sections of the shop.

I'm always inspired by what crafters make with sea pottery and sea glass so I put together an Etsy Treasury 'At Home by the Sea' to showcase some of the beautiful home-wares I've found on Etsy that are made from sea glass and sea pottery. This joins my other treasuries:

Colours of the Sea (jewellery and accessories incorporating sea glass or sea pottery)

Warm Heart of Africa (crafts from and inspired by Southern Central Africa)



And talking of bunnies, here is a lovely blog post from Charlotte at Cottontails Baby, whose rabbit Humphrey won this competition to star in one of my short stories. I'm also looking forward to soon hosting a visit from Sylvain, the Cottontails travelling rabbit, who Charlotte recently sent off on an adventure. I'll blog more about Sylvain in due course....

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Cuby said...

Your talk of sea glass reminds how I love to pick it up when walking on the beach, bring it home put it in a used cover it with water to heighten the colours then after a while maybe weeks, tip out the water, recycle the jar and return the sea glass to the tide line on the beach where I found it. A simple pleasure.

Pomona said...

I love your Etsy treasuries - some really lovely things!

Pomona x

RoadBunner said...

The sea pottery is very beautiful. And I love your selections for the bunny treasury.

Ms Sparrow said...

Sea glass is so special, I'm surprised it's not more rare!

RG said...

Once there was Audrey the traveling bunny - I wonder what happened to Audrey. This one will befun to follow.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Humphrey won - what a gorgeous lump of bunny!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Juliet,

Love the sweet lace dragonfly and will go and take a look at your Etsy shop.

Happy week

Howard of Belvedere Mountain Express said...

I love the phrase ‘rabbit(t)y things’. I always remember seeing on a web site about keeping a house rabbit the sage advice that ‘Rabbits will always do rabbitty things’ (e.g. http://3bunnies.org/understanding.htm), and this is so true, and sums up succinctly the fact that we have to understand and adapt to rabbitty behaviour, whether it be chewing cables, digging or whatever. They’re just doing rabbitty things!