Friday 8 April 2011

Water of Leith

I will be teaching Introduction to the Water of Leith again this summer for the Office of Lifelong Learning at University of Edinburgh. The course will run 8/9 August. Full details will be available on the Office of Lifelong Learning website by the end of April. I'll also post the most up to date information on the Workshops and Courses page of this blog. In the meantime, I've set up a website to support the course. This includes photos and links that add to the material covered in the course. The idea is that students who have attended the course can get access to extra material and it also hopefully will inspire some other people to attend the course. You can find the website here, I've set it up as a Wordpress blog. It won't be updated in the traditional blog way, but I will add to it as I get extra photos or links for it.


Nicole said...

Good Luck on the course (for good attendance!)
That looks like a beautiful and fascinating place.

bunnits said...

I really enjoyed your photo tour.