Saturday 13 February 2021

Winter Wonderland on Corstorphine HIll

 We went for a walk round Corstorphine Hill today. The whole place looks like a winter wonderland but it's treacherous underfoot in places, with the footpaths all polished to a slippery shine that plays havoc with my sense of balance. Here are some photos I managed to take 

And a close up of that last tree

Corstorphine Hill gives wonderful views across Edinburgh, and over to the Pentland Hills 

Yesterday we found this beautiful feather in one of our local cemeteries. I asked on the Edinburgh Natural History Society Facebook Page and it turns out it's a woodcock feather

The same person who identified the feather for me, recommended Featherbase as a resource for identifying feathers. The link will take you to the UK index, but it's a global site, so wherever you are, you can use it to identify bird feathers.


Caroline Gill said...

More beautiful snow scenes, CGP ... and what a fabulous feather. Would it be unusual to find a Woodcock so close to the city, I wonder? I suppose it could have dropped from the air while the bird was in flight.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Caroline, it is an amazing feather! Apparently it's not unusual for woodcock to hide in city centre green-spaces in winter, it seems to happen quite a lot in Edinburgh.