Sunday 19 July 2020

Weekend Walk

As Scotland continues to open up with lockdown relaxing, we took a lovely walk yesterday down to Blackford Pond and the Hermitage of Braid.

The pond looks lovely at the moment

as does the nearby wet woodland area, which actually at the moment isn't very wet

We then walked through Midmar Paddock, hoping to see some butterflies for the Big Butterfly Count. Sadly we only saw one large white butterfly and one small black moth, neither of which stopped for their photo. However the paddock looks lovely at the moment

and the lesser stitchwort is beautiful woven among the grasses

and meadowsweet dominates the marshy area in the corner

From Midmar Paddock we continued our walk through Hermitage of Braid, alongside the Braid Burn


Gershon Ben-Avraham said...

Juliet, you and Crafty Green Boyfriend, take beautiful nature photos! I have to confess that I sometimes use one as a desktop photo. You may want to consider selecting twelve of your best pictures, making a calendar, and selling it in your Etsy store. I'm up for one.

Lowcarb team member said...

You've shared some lovely photographs.
Blackford Pond looks beautiful.

All the best Jan

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Gershon, I'm flattered that you sometimes use our photos on your desktop! I like the idea of a calendar, but there always seem to be so many other nature calendars out there, but I might look into the idea

Thanks Jan, Blackford Pond is indeed a lovely place,

eileeninmd said...


What a beautiful walk. I love all the greenery, pond and the stitchwort is pretty.
Have a happy new week!

Rambling Woods said... our country is mostly in a mess..I can't believe how they are letting things get worse and no national plan....sigh..