Friday 17 July 2020

Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count starts today and offers nature lovers in the UK the opportunity to count and study butterflies and day flying moths. The information gathered will help conserve these insects.

To take part, count butterflies for 15 minutes during bright (preferably sunny) weather between now and 9 August. If you're counting from a fixed position, you need to count the maximum number of each species that you see at a single time - so you don’t count the same butterfly more than once. If you're counting butterflies seen on a walk, then total up the number of each butterfly species that you see during the 15 minutes. Then you fill in your sightings on the website here.

We have seen good numbers of butterflies in our two local cemeteries during lockdown, including this meadow brown that we saw yesterday

What butterflies have you been seeing locally?


RG said...

Look forward to your count .. Cabbage white, swallowtail, comma, red admiral here in the yard ..

Lowcarb team member said...

Good luck with your counting ...

All the best Jan

Caroline Gill said...

I have read some promising reports of people's counts so far, largely on Twitter, and so hope it will prove to be a good season. Certainly we found reasonable numbers in the two counts we did over the w/e, but Small Tortoiseshells seem particularly thin on the ground.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Rabbits Guy - good to have all those butterflies in your yard!

Thanks Jan!

Hi Caroline, glad that you found reasonable numbers over the weekend, we've not had good weather for butterflies the past few days! More small tortoiseshells than usual at the beginning of Spring, but very few now.