Tuesday 2 June 2020

Seeds for 30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is a project organised by the Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to engage with the natural world during June. If you sign up, they will send you a daily suggested activity (particularly useful if you have children!) or you can make up your own challenges.

I always like to look around and see what's changing in the natural world. It's interesting to see the seeds developing on the trees at the moment. The elm fruits, containing their seeds, are ripe

and in places the ground is carpeted with them

Meanwhile the sycamore flowers are turning into fruits

and some are already maturing

and the conkers are forming on the horse chestnut tree

For more on the horse chestnut tree, you can catch up with my Tree Following posts here.


RG said...

Around our places many groups that usually have outside group nature activities for the summer, and especially on the beaches because low tides are during daylight, are offering various booklets, clues, contests, ... for individuals and family groups to get out and observe and explore!!! Interesting times ... perhaps with fewer organized kid sports activity they will spend more time exploring?

Magyar said...

Nature's life, each day's eye-clock. Nice Juliet_!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Rabbits' Guy - that sounds like a great idea, and I agree, they may spend more time exploring now

Magyar - thanks

Caroline Gill said...

A lovely post, though I found myself smiling at the sight of those little 'conkers'... our cherry tree has fruit that are coming but still unripe, so I hope we get a chance to have some summer before autumn sets in! The cherry tree is very close to a Blackbird nest: we have always been pipped to the post by the birds when the fruit eventually ripens. I doubt this year will be any different, but what a joy to have the Blackbirds and their song.