Thursday 4 June 2020

Yellow and Orange for 30 Days Wild

It's been raining all day today but I've taken plenty of photos on recent sunny days! I thought I'd look at colour today for 30 Days Wild.

There are a lot of yellow flowers and lichens around at the moment, including these lovely buttercups

and this Xanthoria parietina lichen

and these beautiful orange hawkweeds

Earlier in the year, the laburnums in the local cemeteries have been wonderfully yellow

and the dandelions, which have now turned to seed, were vibrant not so long ago and offered sustenance for pollinators such as this Syrphus hoverfly

and yellow poppies

and the daffodils were beautiful in the local park

What shades of yellow are you noticing in nature at the moment?

30 Days Wild.


Magyar said...

The sun... copied. Nice.

Lowcarb team member said...

Nice collection of photographs.
I've been fortunate to see some yellow poppies …

All the best Jan