Friday 11 October 2019

Snails looking for somewhere to overwinter

These walls along Corstorphine Road are full of snails once you start looking

and the ivy is in flower, attracting late hoverflies to feed in the sunshine, like this Helophilus sp (commonly known as the footballer hoverfly, but also the sun fly).

and a beautiful red admiral that was shy about opening it's wings

The bunnies are back outside the hotel! Lovely to see them after a long absence

and there are lots of fungi around including these, which i think may be young King Alfred's Cakes, but I'm not sure, so if you can identify them for sure, please leave a comment!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Butterflies never co-operate with their bloody wings, do they!

Lowcarb team member said...

A nice selection of photographs for us to enjoy … thank-you.

All the best Jan