Tuesday 29 October 2019

Ladybirds starting to Hibernate!

For a few years now I've always kept an eye out for orange ladybirds gathering on fence posts in Colinton Dell to overwinter together. You can see some of the earliest photos in this blog post.

Today I noticed the first orange ladybirds of the season gathering

and a ladybird larva (I think this is also an orange ladybird)

It will be interesting to see how many orange ladybirds in total gather on these and other fenceposts in the area over the winter. It will also be interesting to see whether they are joined by any other of the several species of ladybirds that are found in this country!

The autumn colours continue to be beautiful

and it continues to be a good year for fungi, this is a new crop of fungi I haven't noticed before, again I've not yet identified it, though I intend to to so

Autumnwatch starts on the BBC tonight!


Sandy said...

We have been seeing them on the window screens this past month. I didn't know that they hibernated. Thanks fora new piece of information.

Magyar said...

__ Here I thing their title might be >ladybugs< reddish with black spots. I didn't know they'd hibernate... that info, well appreciated. _m

RG said...

It will be 24 F tonight here - I plan to hibernate until about 10 AM tomorrow!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Great pictures, it seems to have been a good year for fungi.

All the best Jan