Tuesday 2 August 2016

Etsy update

I'm currently trying hard to get up to 100 items in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop. Apparently once you reach that number of items in a shop then your shop immediately moves up a level in terms of popularity and sales. I'm not sure I totally believe this as I've seen shops with over 100 items and not a great number of sales. On the other hand I'm so close to 100 anyway now I may as well try! Actually I have actually twice in the past fortnight hit 100 items but it's maintaining the shop at that level that's the real challenge.

It is of course complicated by the facts that a) people buy things and so the number of items in the shop falls and b) items need to be renewed every few months. So I'm aiming ultimately to have around 110 - 120 items in the shop at all times, though of course I don't know how realistic that will prove to be.

Earrings are among the quickest things to make and also among the most popular items I sell so I've recently added these earrings to the shop

which you can see in the shop here, these

which you can see in the shop here and these

which you can see here.

Curtain tie backs have recently been selling well too, so I recently made and added this pair from wooden beads from a variety of vintage jewellery items

You can see these in the shop here.

I used some totally different wooden beads to make this Hallowe'en bracelet

which is in the shop here.

Beaded ID lanyards also sell well so I made this new one very recently

and it's also in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop here. I've just got a new supply of metal lanyard connections so more beaded lanyards will be in the shop soon.

And I refashioned this vintage necklace and added a fair trade lizard pendant

You can see this here.

Meanwhile I've steadily been adding more items to the Beach Finds section of the Crafty Green Magpie (vintage and supplies) Etsy shop.

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RG said...

People buying things is good! Sounds like a fine success!

The old chopstick bag - with pencils and notes and such - still goes out on beach field trips every week. I had to sew the button back on!