Wednesday 17 August 2016

Dancing with Tex by Lynn Sanders and Sergio Drummond

Dancing with Tex, subtitled The Remarkable Friendship to Save The Whooping Cranes is a lovely picture book based on the true story of ornithologist George Archibald and how he danced with rare whooping crane Tex until she laid a fertile egg.

Tex had been hand reared and so was more used to people than to other cranes and had been very reluctant to interact and wouldn't breed. It took several years of dancing but eventually Tex did lay an egg and when this hatched the chick was named "Gee Whiz" and went on to father 15 chicks!

The book tells the story in an entertaining manner, with the illustrations really bringing things to life, especially the dancing! George and Tex seem to be really enjoying themselves!

At the end of the book there is a fact file about cranes, a biography of George Archibald and ideas on how readers can help to save endangered species such as whooping cranes.

The only thing that would improve this book would be if there was a young child dancing with Tex at some point as young readers do tend to relate better to young characters. Having said that, it is based on a true story that involved University students and adult scientists!

Well worth a read for any youngsters out there interested in wildlife or even more importantly for those youngsters who like to dance but are not yet interested in wildlife!

Dancing with Tex by Lynn Sanders and illustrated by Sergio Drummond, published by Difference Makers Media.


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