Tuesday 26 February 2013

Fair Trade Fortnight

It’s Fair Trade Fortnight in the UK!

Fair Trade means a fair price for products that we buy from developing countries. When we drink Fair Trade tea or coffee, eat Fair Trade chocolates or bananas we know that the people who did all the hard work producing those items are getting a fair wage. The Fair Trade premium attached to such produce is invested into the local community, often in environmental projects, underlining the links between social justice and the environment in sustainability.

The theme for Fair Trade Fortnight this year is Go Further for Fairtrade. 

There are lots of Fair Trade products available in supermarkets, delicatessens and independent grocers. The range seems to be increasing all the time, so this fortnight is an ideal opportunity to try a new Fair trade product that you've never tried before. A lot of shops are offering special deals on Fair Trade products this fortnight to make it even easier to find something new and fairly traded to enjoy.

Lots of events are happening across the UK this fortnight to celebrate and promote Fair Trade - find out what's happening near you!

I try to buy products that are made or grown locally as much as possible - for example I buy jam made in an organic farm just outside Edinburgh, I try to buy Scottish vegetables. I prefer organic to non-organic, but will often go for local and non-organic rather than buying organic products that need to be transported a long way. If I'm buying something that cannot be produced in the UK or that includes ingredients that can't grow in the UK, I always buy Fair Trade. So for example my chocolate, tea and coffee are always fair trade.

If you're interested in taking Fair Trade Fortnight into your place of work, I've shared a few ideas on my other blog here. (And for the few of you who ever read that blog, you'll notice that the address has changed to http://julietwilson.wordpress.com).

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Ms Sparrow said...

You have really dedicated a lot of thought and research to the subject. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting Fairtrade so well, Juliet! May I add a heartfelt tribute to the excellence of various kinds of Fairtrade chocolate (and, especially for cakes), Fairtrade cocoa!

Jenn Jilks said...

We have always bought fair trade when possible. Great post
Cheers from Cottage Country!