Wednesday 27 June 2012

Postcards from the Zoo

One of the films I saw today was Postcards from the Zoo, which is filmed in a zoo in Indonesia. I'm going to review it tomorrow alongside Bestiare, another film about animals in captivity which I'll be seeing tomorrow.

However, Postcards from the Zoo surprisingly has a lot of parallels with another film that I saw today, Attractive Illusion (which I review on Over Forty Shades, here).

The heroine of Postcards from the Zoo, Lana is forced out of her home the zoo, in much the same way as the characters in Attractive Illusion are forced to live their homeland of Nigeria. Similar to Enor and Amen, who become prostitutes in Attractive Illusion, Lana is pushed into working in a massage parlour where, the implication is, she offers services beyond massage.

Watching so many films, it really is interesting where unexpected parallels can be found! 

These films are showing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and you can see them at:

Postcards from the Zoo: 20:00, 29 June; 15:30, 1 July both in Filmhouse 2.

Attractive Illusion 20:00, 30 June Cineworld 11

unfortunately there are no more public screenings of Bestiaire.

Disclaimer, I have a press pass for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and attend free press screenings of the films I review.

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i'm truly enjoying the reviews you're sharing. some of these movies have sounded great. have a wonderful day~