Monday 11 June 2012

Monday Bunday - does your bunny want to be a star?

As you may remember, last November I took part in NaNoWriMo and wrote a 50 000 word draft of a novel. Earlier this year I decided to significantly rewrite it and am now working on it as a novel and a related short story. Each of which feature bunnies!

So this is where you come in. If you have a bunny that would like to feature in my novel or my short story then let me know!

If your bunny wants to be a star, please follow these instructions carefully. These rules will help me to cast the bunny stars and to represent your bunny as accurately as possible if chosen!

Please leave a comment below or on a related Facebook update (Not on Twitter, you'll need more than 140 characters!) and tell me:

a) why your bunny wants to feature in my work
b) how you chose your bunny's name
c) how your bunny behaves when very happy
d) your bunny's favourite food
e) your bunny's naughtiest habit

If you think I might not be familiar with your bunny, please also leave a link to a photo!

You can nominate a bonded bunny pair in which case you need to answer all the questions for both bunnies and make it clear they are interested in appearing together. You can nominate as many bunnies as you want but only one (individual or bonded pair) will be chosen from each human who nominates.You can nominate a bunny who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge but please make this clear in your comments.

In return, if your bunny (or bonded bunny pair) is chosen to star in my novel:

your bunny will feature in the novel
you will receive a copy of the final draft of the novel
your bunny may be featured in the cover art of the novel (subject to it being published)
you will be mentioned in the acknowledgements in the novel (subject to it being published)
you will receive a signed copy of the novel (subject to it ever being published)

if your bunny (or bonded bunny pair) is chosen to star in my short story:

your bunny will feature in the short story

you will receive a copy of the final draft of the short story
you will be sent a link to the short story if it is ever published

Unfortunately I can't guarantee fame or fortune for you or your bunny.

If anything isn't clear, just ask! I'll make a decision in about a month....


Jade said...

Well, you know Mr. Mick wants in on this; he can't resist a chance to be in the spotlight. :)

a. He says that he should be featured because even though he is an internet superstar, his current publicist (me) does not adequately provide the masses with information about him so they can adore him more, and the more humans who adore him, the better the chances are for him to get more treats (something his current publicist does not provide enough of, either).

b. He was named Mickey in honor of Mickey Mantle, legendary baseball player for the NY Yankees (hubby and I are Yankees fans, and Mantle is hubby's all-time favorite player) because his fur color reminded me of the color of Mantle's hair and because Mantle was a bit of a character himself much like his bun-namesake. This usually gets shortened to Mick or Mr. Mick mainly because it seems to suit him more.

c. Depending on what is making him happy, he will either bunnydance (I refuse to call it "binky"--that's what we call a baby's pacifier) or toothpurr. Usually the toothpurring is as a result of being petted or getting a massage.

d. Favorite food would have to be oats, followed by kale and dandelion leaves.

e. Mick's naughtiest habit is chewing on anything rubber (and he seems to have an uncanny knack for finding it--he can pull a rubber band seemingly from thin air sometimes). Second to that is chewing on my clothes when he wants attention or when I'm not coming up with his oats fast enough.

If Mick is chosen and you need any more info, let me know. Can't wait to see the final results!

Crafty Green Poet said...

That's brilliant Jade, just what I was wanting!

Ms Sparrow said...

This should be fun. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the bunny tales!

Titus said...

Haven't got a bunny but good grief, I'm fascinated already. 'Binky'? 'Toothpurr'?

Charlotte said...

ps Jade - I loved reading about Mickey, it really made me smile. The rubber thing!!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Juliet,

Humphrey is beyond excited about this. So much so that I am having to down tools in the middle of the day just to get some peace from him - he insists I email you immediately.

a) Humphrey would love to feature in a book as he is himself a great fan of the written word. When he was little I used to read him fairy tales and Beatrix Potter stories (yes really) and over the years he has devoured many a good book. Literally. (You should see the state of the spines and corners of my children's book collection...)

b) No real story here I'm afraid. Humphrey just seemed to suit him. He has always been such a placid little fellow that he needed a gentle name I think. Humphrey is just right.

c) When very happy he either springs in the air doing a sideways binky, or throws himself over on the floor doing a sideways flop. So basically, when he is happy, he does things sideways.

d) Carrot tops (good) and toast (bad - ssshhhh!)

e. Naughtiest habit? Probably bowl tossing... when I give him his evening meal, in the sitting room, and settle down to watch something on TV with Mike, within about 10 mins he will have upended the bowl so the contents are all over the floor (he likes to 'dig' his food) and then he picks the ceramic bowl up in his teeth and bangs it against the radiator making an impossibly loud clanking noise. (I have tried to teach him that such behaviour is only ever appropriate when sport is on TV and never during Coronation Street.)

I don't think you need a photo... you know him :)

Thanks for the opportunity. Hopefully he will let me get back to work now.


Donna said...

Binky & Bella are so excited!! Let me share that they are both from Tennessee originally. March 23rd, I met with Miss Laurie from the Nashville Bunny Rescue. She brought Mirabella and Binky and his family to Bowling Green, Ky so I could adopt Miss Bella, and transport Binky and his family to Miss Shelleys rescue in Morgantown, WV. After a 2 day layover at my house, Binky, his 5 siblings, his Momma and Auntie were transported to the Bunny Feathers Rescue. I wanted to get Miss Bella a bunny to bond with, so after Binky was altered, he came back to Huntington, WV. It took several weeks, but he and Bella are a happy little bonded pair. I can never thank Miss Laurie or Miss Shelley enough. Binky says he should be one of your buns because he is totally adorable and the "Bun with the Fun on the Run!" Bella says she can add certain elegant qualities to your work that others (least of all Binky) can't provide.
Binky was just a wee babe in the nest when I first laid eyes on him. He had this cute little moustache type spotting and I immediately thought that it looked like a baby's binky. Bella lived at the Nashville Bunny Rescue for almost a year, she grew up there. Miss Laurie named her Mirabella and I shortened it to Bella. It really suits her dignified self.
When Binky is happy he leaps and bounds about, like an excuberant kid with new tennis shoes. Bella, ever dignified, raises her ears and nods her head in reverant agreement.
Binky Bunny LOVES his hay, he is always so happy for fresh hay and will steal some whenever the bag is not put away. Bella LOVES raisins. She is a bit resentful that they are bad for her waistline.
Binky will chew on a wall if bored, he said he is JUST trying to make a tunnel. Bella likes to pick at the cloth under the loveseat, but has been very good at refraining from it, in an effort to be a good role model for brother Binky. You can find photos of these bunny buddies here:!/photo.php?fbid=3387594812609&set=a.2690801313207.2115610.1351718131&type=3&theater
and here:!/photo.php?fbid=2824770062342&set=a.1016799864217.2002776.1351718131&type=3&theater

Meghan said...

Hope and Emery, my bonded bunnies, just about hopped out of their fur with excitement when I told them about this. I have been strictly instructed to make sure that I don't leave a single thing out about either of them!


a) Hope wants to be featured because she feels that she has a true rags to riches tale (tail!). She spent the first part of her life cooped up in a small hutch outdoors with no shelter. Left in her own filth, she had a poor diet and lived in horrible conditions. An angel from Our Companions appeared one day and rescued Hope from the wicked witch that was treating her so badly, and an even bigger angel named Marlene fostered her back to health. She now lives with the love of her life, Emery, in a giant ex-pen for two and is spoiled rotten!

b) Hope was given her name after surviving such a horrible life. It was felt that she needed a little "hope" for a far better future.

c) When Hope is happy she will come over like a puppy dog and kiss my nose and face to let me know she is just thrilled with everything, or sprawl out on her side in pure relaxation.
d) Hope's favorite food is endive. She yanks it out of my hand before I even have a chance to set it down. She will just about knock Emery over on his bottom to beat him to the papaya. She will even stick her whole fuzzy head in before I can get my hand into the bag!

e) Oh Lord, where to begin. Hope hung her head in shame over this one. Lately she is far too fond of the carpet, and of my desk. She is fast as a ninja and can strip a one inch piece off of the side of my desk within a minute. Fortunately she is kind enough to leave me the evidence mostly in one piece. I have gotten very handy with glue lately.

A) Emery would like to be featured because he likes to be the center of attention all the time, and will thump his back paw in frustration if he feels that Hope or myself is not paying him enough attention. How dare we all not know that he is King of the castle? Sheesh!
B) Emery got his name because it means "home" and "strength". He was passed around to several difference places and when he finally got to me, his forever home, I wanted to name him something that proved it.

C)When Emery is happy he lays down stretched out long as can be like a dog with his head on the ground in pure contentment. He likes to do this next to his girlfriend Hope as often as possible.

D) Emery’s favorite food is…. everything. I should have named him Hoover. Nobody inhales pellets like Emery. I have considered timing him. He may need Bunny Weight watchers soon.

E) Emery's second name after "Hoover" should be "Godzilla bunny". He loves destroying things for fun. He will climb into a tunnel and then lift it up into the air to flip it over, then walk over to his little house and knock it down. He loves to spread hay everywhere, and when I get home from work it looks like a small tornado has ripped through. Just to really seal everything, he'll poop in the middle of the mess. I'll come home to a "oh my gosh how did this happen??" look from him. He just looks up at me like “what? I didn’t do this! She did!!”.

A link to my incredibly adorable furballs.

Anonymous said...

You have gotta see the weirdest pair of bunnies. My year and a month old mini rex mix and my new 1month old baby Lionhead. They arn't exactly "bonded" yet. But, they are starting and in a month or so my baby lionhead, Swifter, will be living w/ Peter, my year and a month old. I don't care if they get famous or not, but I think their story would make a great book. Peter's name was because he looked exactly like Peter Cottontail. Swifter got her name because she looks like a Swifter duster and is very fast on her feet. When they are happy they will both dart around and jump really high. Peter also closes his eyes and puts his head down to the ground.Swifter can't eat anything like fruits, vegies, and grass because if she did she is so young that she would get diarrea and die in 24 hours. Peter loves peaches, bananas, Cheerios, and Raisens. Peter's bad habit is he hates to be carried and will scratch you like crazy and pees and poops out of the litter box. Swifter will chew on ANYTHING!! You arn't familar with this weird couple. But, they do have a Bunspace page. Swifter is alot cutier in real life and I still need to get a good photo of her. Just go to, Explore, and click "Search by Name" type in "Peter Cottontail" he is the agouti that is outside. or "Swifter Sunshine" (the one and only) If you seem interested I can tell you more. They both have very interesting stories. I think they would be good in a book. They have oppisite persionalities. There are many funny stories about Peter. Including the Peter loves Peaches story & Peter and the cat. I've had Peter since he was one month old. They both had passed over the "Rainbow Bridge"

EG CameraGirl said...

I wish I had a bunny to offer you but it looks like Jade has come to your rescue.

Amy Booth said...

a) why your bunny wants to feature in my work - My bunny wants to be featured in your work because he wants to be the center of attention all the time! And he is very nosy and curious so figures if he can be featured in a book that means he will be allowed to snuffle it a lot and take a taste and nobody will mind. You really cant tell what a good story is about till take a bite out of it, dont you agree?

b) how you chose your bunny's name - Our bunny Toshi came to us to be a bondmate to our dear Snowy (who has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge). Snowy was white with black polka dots and when we saw Toshi (who was at the time named "Roy") it was like looking at a miniature version of our Snowy. (he was just 6 months old at the time so not yet full grown) We had a few names we were tossing around but found Toshi - which means "mirror reflection". It totally suits him and he was like a little mirror reflection of his pal Snowy.

c) how your bunny behaves when very happy - He ZOOOOOOOOOMS around and around the bunny playroom - a fuzzy black & white blur! He is really fast, and can zooom through his bunny maze and up and over anyone in his way before you even know what hit you!

d) your bunny's favourite food - dandelions! He goes nuts for them and will chase you across the room if he sees one in your hand and then stand up with his widdle paws on your leg, whiskers wiggling, and beg and plead for that fuzzy yellow flower candy!

e) your bunny's naughtiest habit - oh dear. Toshi IS a naughty bunny. Besides his desire to chew on just about anything he finds, he loves to escape the bunny playroom and go exploring. He is very sneaky about it! Suddenly you realise you havent heard any cheweing in a while and you get up to look, and find he has pushed the gate out of the way and vanished into the house.. oh so silent on his little furred paws. We have found him behind the chest freezer in the kitchen, we have found him under my daughter's bed upstairs, we have found him visiting with Pickles the Cat on her bed. (Pickles was NOT amused) He is a very nosy bunny! Really, he makes us laugh ALL THE TIME because he is so cute and funny and full of mischievous love. You cant get mad at a bunny like that!

d. moll, said...

The Spots want to star.
a-they should be featured because despite all odds they were re-united after almost a year.
b-they came with their names, but I made sure the names were both spelled with Y's: Tyler and Sydney
c-Tyler tooth purrs and bliss rolls, Sydney holds her cards a little closer to her chest, I mean dewlap, it's hard to tell.
d-without a doubt almonds and I have the scars to prove it.
e-Sydney peeing along the mutual fencing, boxing with Amelia and chasing Harriet. Tyler aggressive behavior towards other male rabbits and eating poisonous plants and other inedibles thereby giving me MUCH anxiety.

Anonymous said...

This is Peter and Swifter's owner again. I acidentlly said that they passed over the rainbow bridge. They are not dead. Sorry for the confusion.

RG said...

Oh my. Oh my. Such a quandry I am in.

If I pick a bunny - I'm thinking Racer the Intrepid - then how do I face the others? And I'm not nominating them all.

And the competition already - my goodness such powerful figures from lagamorhia.

And so, I think we here at the House of Rabbits shall just sit comfortably in our box seats on the sidelines and watch the action - I know I would not want to choose - and don't go a makin' us vote either! You started this - you do the picking.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh gosh, thanks for so many excellent entries already! How am i going to be able to choose? But you're okay, Rabbit's Guy, I'm not going to ask for a vote. I need the bunnies who best fit the stories....

Aging Ophelia said...

You may want to check out this website for inspiration, then:

It's kind of great.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Heavy Hedonist, I visit Disapproving Rabbits every day!

Amy and Anonymous - erm, I need your contact details, at least a link to your blog just in case your bunny wins!