Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Ordinary Yellow Weeds.....

Creeping Buttercups

overgrowing verges, persistent
weeds deep rooted under paving stones

in summer yellow flowers
glow in the undergrowth

and behind their thick mass
harvest spiders gather

their strange beauty
in a secret world

most gardeners would destroy

oh dandelions!
if only we could see them
with a rabbit's eyes!

You can read an imagined (and fanciful!) bunny's eye view of dandelions here.

Seeing the Ordinary with new eyes for Miss Rumphius


Gillena Cox said...

at sunset the yellow
of the ixoras brghtens

much love

holly said...

I love this haiku!

Anonymous said...

Lovely writing, Juliet... as always.

jem said...

We welcome yellow weeds in our garden - this morning I saw a blackbird pecking at a buttercup, or perhaps at a bug on the buttercup!

Janice Thomson said...

A delightful haiku, and loved the longer poem - that last line is sadly so very very true.

Cynthia said...

"in summer yellow flowers glow
in the undergrowth" like that,
like a bright secret waiting.