Sunday, 28 September 2008

Brilliant Birds at North Berwick

We had a lovely time in North Berwick yesterday and probably the best day's birdwatching we've ever had there - helped by the tide being in and all the waders being pushed closer to the shore, therfore being easier to see. North Berwick is famous for the gannets that live on the Bass Rock - click on the photo above and the Bass Rock is the white island to my right. It looks white because of all the gannets that live on it. When you get closer you can also see a cloud of gannets flying around the rock. There are also lots of gannets flying closer to shore and diving for fish. As well as gannets though we also sawgood numbers of: oystercatchers, curlew, redshanks, turnstones, ringed plovers, pied wagtails, and eider ducks along with three bar tailed godwits, four terns terns (probably common terns but I'm not sure) a meadow pipit and a whinchat. There were also house martins and swallows flying around the main street of North Berwick itself. The day was warm and sunny too, though windy. The rain started as soon as we got onto the bus back to Edinburgh!


Janice Thomson said...

I love curlews and their plaintive cry - grew up with them on the lake's shores on our farm in Alberta.
What a lot of birds you saw that day!

Deb G said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I really like hearing about your adventures.