Monday 5 June 2023

Speckled Wood Butterfly

 Lovely to see two Speckled Wood Butterflies in Crafty Green Boyfriend's Mum's garden when we popped in around lunchtime

 These are lovely butterflies to see, not a species you would really expect to see in a garden, even a garden with several trees. Crafty Green Boyfriend's Mum doesn't use any pesticides or herbicides and normally her garden is a haven for insects of all sorts. This year, however, there are far fewer insects here than we would expect for the time of year, a phenomenon that is being noticed across the country.

The rhododendrons in the garden are also looking lovely

The cooking apple tree is also looking great, I blogged about that tree yesterday for Tree Following

In the garden for 30 Days Wild.


eileeninmd said...

Pretty butterfly and the rhododendrons are beautiful.
Take care, have a happy week ahead.

Jenn Jilks said...