Wednesday 8 September 2021

Tree Following - September Update

For Tree Following this year I'm following one of the several wonderful old silver birch trees in North Merchiston Cemetery in Edinburgh. Crafty Green Boyfriend and I started walking round this cemetery (and the nearby Dalry Cemetery) every day for our #DailyExercise during the first UK lockdown last year. And we're still doing the same walk regularly.  

Looking from this angle, the birch tree almost disappears in amongst the surrounding greenery 

but close up there's always a wealth of detail to notice!

On 25 August I noticed several little spiders webs in the branches - they don't come out well in photos, unfortunately, but if you click on the photo below, it will enlarge the image

 Looking up into the canopy of the tree, I noticed the first yellow leaves

But the yellow leaves belong to the nearby lime (linden) tree that overhangs this silver birch! The birch leaves, though fading, hadn't yet turned yellow by the end of August! By 2 September, though, the birch leaves were starting to turn 

There's a very pretty gravestone just under the tree, which I hadn't yet taken a photo of:

 There are lots of beautiful gravestones in the cemetery. I recently posted photos of some of the many Celtic crosses in the cemetery over on my Shapeshifting Green blog, you can see them here.

The Friends of North Merchiston Cemetery are now on Twitter! You can follow @FofNMC here

For Tree Following


RG said...

Linden fall leaves! They started coming down 2 weeks ago and will dribble down for the next several! Endless sweeping the porch and walkway!!!

Erika said...

A spider web with an actual cute little spider :)

Flighty said...

It's always a sure sign of autumn once tree leaves start changing colour. xx

Andrew said...

I love the spider webs - well noticed. It certainly seems that autumn is on the way!

Hollis said...

Yes, I found the web and spider, nice :)

Squirrelbasket said...

Lovely post - and it is certainly orb-web spider time everywhere as they grow bigger and we notice them for the first time.
The lime/lindens are yellowing here, too.
Funny how when I was a child I assumed all trees dropped their leaves at the same time.
All the best and thanks for taking part again :)