Monday 7 September 2020

Tree Following September Update

For Tree Following I'm looking at a horse chestnut tree that grows in North Merchiston Cemetery, in Edinburgh. There are several graves close to the tree, this one, which dates to 1922, is the closest to the tree

 Several small white mushrooms popped up under the tree in August, not sure if they're edible field mushrooms or something inedible, so best left alone. 

There are even more of them now it's September and they're bigger

Conkers have continued to fall from the tree 

and the squirrels have been eating them and leaving a mess behind as they do so 

And Crafty Green Boyfriend photographed the squirrel a couple of days ago, sitting in the sycamore tree next to the horse chestnut, eating horse chestnuts!

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Squirrelbasket said...

The graveyard clearly makes for fertile soil!
I love the details :)