Thursday 3 September 2020

haiku and weather

soft rain -
blackberries ripen
by the stone wall


How do you think about the weather? In Scotland, usually quite a cold country,  we tend to prize warm weather, but as global temperatures rise to often dangerous levels, this preference becomes unhelpful as we look at climate chaos. 

There's a very interesting article on Grist, here, which looks at how our attitudes to heat affect our attitudes to climate change, plus an interesting segment on how haiku can change our attitudes to heat! (Many traditional haiku celebrate mists and cool breezes).


Gershon Ben-Avraham said...

Juliet, your haiku cooled me off a bit here in Beersheba today! The forecast for tomorrow is for a high of 107 (41+) and the day after tomorrow, 102 (38+). Summer, like all seasons, has its beauty and challenges.

RG said...

Made blackberry pie from my patch of wild ones!

Scotland will become a more and more desirable place to live. Hope the land use regulations include plenty of open space and connected wildlife corridors and habitats.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Thinking about weather and climate drives me batty sometimes

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Gershon, summer definitely does have advantages, it would have been nice to have more summer weather this year in Scotland. The problem is that people become obsessed with sunshine and don't value rain and cool breezes as much as we should, which means many people don't see the harm in increasing global temperatures.

Rabbits Guy - your pie sounds good! Scotland at the moment is committed to preserving its open space and wildlife but all that could change of course.

Simon - yes i know what you mean!