Tuesday 7 April 2020

Repaired Tote bag

I finally got round to repairing this bag! The original handles were damaged beyond repair (I assume, I was given the bag with no handles and it was clear that there had been handles!) and I had been thinking for a few weeks what to do. I thought of making it into a cushio cover but the dimensions aren't quite right. Then i had to work out what would be best to use to make new handles and I rejected a couple of options for not being strong enough or not being long enough. I settled on this khaki coloured belt, which I cut into two and sewed onto the main part of the bag. It was quite a task as the bag fabric is very thick. So the sewing isn't particularly elegant but it looks good from a distance and will hopefully prove to be a serviceable bag!

And here is the amarylis as it looks today

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a lovely bit of colour