Sunday 5 April 2020

More #Daily Exercise in the Times of COVID-19

The UK Government is, at the moment, allowing us out for one form of #DailyExercise once a day in addition to visiting the shops (as infrequently as possible), travelling to work (for those with essential jobs that can't be done from home) and medical emergencies including helping those who are self isolating. Though there are suggestions that the privilege of outdoor exercise may be removed because of the actions of some people who have been gathering in greenspaces without paying any attention to the need for proper social distancing.

Crafty Green Boyfriend and I continue our #DailyExercise through a small local park and two nearby cemeteries.

Today we were delighted to see this cream spot ladybird

Several bees were flying around, including this queen white / buff tailed bumblebee who was searching for a nest site

and the speedwells look beautiful at the moment (there are several species of speedwell in the UK, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at distinguishing them and can't say which species this is) 

the dandelions are beautifully in bloom too though the hoverfly in this photo isn't clear enough to identify to species level 

Dandelions are really important plants for pollinators, so if you have some in your garden, why not leave them for the bees and hoverflies to enjoy?

What have you seen recently on your #DailyExercise or in your garden? 

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A Cuban In London said...

Gorgeous day today in London. I hope it was the same in your neck of the woods. Beautiful pics.

Greetings from London.