Monday 4 February 2019

Hornbeam Trees in Craiglockart Dell

It was a cold sunny day today but the birds were all singing and calling very energetically and chasing each other through the trees in preparation for spring! Lovely to see and hear, though as I was doing my weekly litter pick in the Dells (alongside the Water of Leith) I didn't get photos of the birds (by the time I've laid down my litter picker and got out my camera, the birds have invariably disappeared!)

Trees are easier to photograph as they're not going to move anywhere. These trees are hornbeams

They have strange trunks with a very distinctive texture. They are at their most beautiful in late summer and autumn when they have lovely chandelier type catkins (the photo below is one I took in October 2011)

Hornbeams aren't native to Scotland, though they are native to the south of England. These specific trees were planted in the Dells when the area was full of watermills. The wood of the hornbeam is very hard and was used in the construction of mill wheels and other parts.

I shared these photos also today in the new Facebook group 'Trees to Celebrate in Edinburgh'. If you live or work in Edinburgh and are interested in celebrating our trees then you can join the group here.


Jeff said...

Also known as ironwood for its strengh and was used as handles for tools, too.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Jeff, i didn't know that but it makes sense!

Pietro Brosio said...