Saturday 1 April 2017

Easter Craiglockart Hill

It's a lovely Spring day today and we enjoyed a wonderful walk round Easter Craiglockart Hill this morning.

The trees are leafing beautifully, like this sycamore

and this horse chestnut
We had wonderful views of a couple of mistle thrushes (thanks to Crafty Green Boyfriend for these photos)

and from the top of the hill we had these wonderful views of Edinburgh, framed by the gorse

We then walked along to Craiglockart Pond where we were delighted to see a mute swan on its nest (though less than delighted to see the amount of plastic in its nest!)

We were even more delighted to see a pair of little grebes, though they are very elusive

we then walked home along the Union canal. The coltsfoot is in full bloom now

and the daffodils are out in Harrison Park


eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty spring sightings. The flowers are pretty. I love the Mistle Thrush and the Swan.
Happy weekend to you!

Marcie said...

So many yellow blooms! They are wonderful. The mistle thush is so pretty! Kudos to Crafty Green Boyfriend! I find birds difficult to photograph. He did well!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful pictures, like the elegant slim mistle thrush

Caroline Gill said...

How lovely to see Coltsfoot - a wildflower I hardly ever see these days...

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Caroline, there are a few places round Edinburgh where coltsfoot grows in abundance, it's always lovely to see

Marcie - I also find birds difficult to photo, apart from ducks, geese, swans and herons. But Crafty Green Boyfriend is very good at photos of even small lively birds

Sandy said...

I LOVe seeing your new leaves and flowers! We had a foot of snow yesterday.

Lowcarb team member said...

I just love this time of year.
What a great selection of photographs.

Happy April Wishes

All the best Jan

Lynn said...

I don't think I've ever seen a swan's nest before. Lovely!

Pietro Brosio said...

All so beautiful, very nice landscapes!