Thursday 20 October 2016

The glow of Tiger Eyes!

Tiger Eye is one of my favourite semi-precious stones, it has a beautiful depth of colour to it and wonderful variety in that colour too! Some people believe it to have protective energies! You can read more about Tiger Eye here.

I was delighted then to find in one of the bags of unsold and damaged jewellery that I bought from a second hand shop a beaded belt (with some beads damaged, so I needed to take it apart) a few lovely tiger eyes! I also had some ideal necklace chains into which I could fit the stones (given how they were strung in the original belt, the tiger eyes needed to be fitted into a necklace rather than hung as a traditional pendant. I'm quite pleased with how these three tiger eye necklaces turned out and they're now all in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy store.

This silver tone chain, which you can see in the shop here.

This gold tone chain, which you can see in the shop here.

and this black chain choker, which you can see in the shop here.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I've got a lump somewhere, along with my big amethyst and citrine...used to love semi precious gem collection.

Lowcarb team member said...

The glow of tiger eyes ... is lovely to see.

All the best Jan

Gingi said...

That necklace is a beauty! I love natural stones for jewelry! <3 -

Lynn said...

Very nice! I can attest to how lovely your pieces are.