Monday, 30 November 2015

Lots of Birds on St Andrew's Day

Lovely weather today for St Andrew's Day so we walked through Inverleith Park, stopping to admire the water rail, which like last winter has decided to stop here for the colder months. It's less willing to pose for photos this year though (click on the photo for a larger view and you should be able to see the water rail!).

We then went into the Botanic Gardens where the wildlife was much more willing to pose for photos.

The grey squirrels are just adorable, they come running up to you and then pose

And this robin was incredibly friendly, it hopped literally up to our feet

We even got quite close to a bullfinch! There were lots of bullfinches around today (as there were the other day up Corstorphine Hill). Normally at this time of year when the finches and tits are flocking together, it's normal to see a few bullfinches mixed in with lots of other finches and tits, but never before have either of us seen such large flocks that are almost entirely made up of bullfinches! Only one in the photo though!

Some nice fungi too


eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a lovely variety of birds. I would be thrilled to see your Robin and the Bullfinch! The fungi is neat looking. Great post! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

RG said...

Great robin pic. Not like our American robin at all!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I'm just off to see if I can find a robin in the library grounds!

Lynn said...

Just lovely! Yes - I echo Rabbits' Guy - our American robins look a bit different.

Lowcarb team member said...

Well a little belated but 'Happy St Andrews Day' wishes.

A lovely post and your photo's are great to look at and enjoy ... thank you.

All the best Jan