Monday 28 October 2013

New Arrivals Volume 5

I love music but rarely blog about it, but New Arrivals Volume 5 gives me a perfect opportunity!

NAV 5 is the latest in MPress Records' compilation series, which showcases established and indie artists while raising funds and awareness for worthy causes. 100% of all funds collected from the sale of NAV5 benefit three NYC-based charities that are still continuing to provide Hurricane Sandy Relief: The Red Hook Initiative (Brooklyn), Project Hospitality Staten Island Hurricane Relief Fund (Staten Island), and Graybeards (The Rockaways).

Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in US history, killing at least 286 people seven countries. Devastating storms like this are likely to become more common across the world as climate change continues to disrupt the world's weather systems. 

Of course, musical compilations can't stop climate change, but they can raise awareness and they can help to support people whose lives have been devastated by extreme weather events.

NAV5 features a variety of tracks from international indie talent including: UK folk-pop artists Polly Paulusma and Stephen Langstaff; NYC singer-songwriters Lucy Wainwright Roche and Ari Hest  and a bonus track by Grammy® Winner Paula Cole. I didn't recognise any of the artists, but that doesn't matter as I always enjoy discovering new music, particularly when it's for a good cause and this is a very listenable album. 

You can buy NAV5 or any of the New Arrivals compilations here. NAV5 is available digitally from tomorrow (29 October) and physically on 14 January 2014. Alternatively you can pre-order a physical copy of NAV5.

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bunnits said...

Thanks for the info

And really, really glad you made it through that weather. Heard you folks over there were having 80-90 mph winds!

Gillena Cox said...

we are experiencing the climate changes everywhere; hope the weather is kind to you

much love...