Monday, 25 May 2009

At the Scottish Poetry Library

I was at the Scottish Poetry Library this morning. It's interesting to see the exhibition they have arranged to celebrate the opening of the Edwin Morgan Archive, which is an online and physical archive of the work of the UKs most consistently inventive and imaginative poet.

I also had a chat with Lorna, the Library's Education Officer - we discussed how best to prepare for performing poetry, to avoid being hijacked by nerves. Some of her ideas and advice can be found here. I haven't actually taken to the stage for a while, and with Kin (which was always my favourite place to read poetry) re-emerging, I felt it was time to start preparing to perform again!


Delwyn said...

Good morning Juliet,

It has been wonderful to see these pictures of your part of the world and listen to you talk about the birds and scenery. I love to see and learn about places that I am unfamiliar with.

My great grandfather immigrated to New Zealand from Glasgow in the late 1800s and settled in Timaru. He was an architect in Scotland.
I moved to Australia from NZ in my mid 20s and have had a wonderful life in this beautiful vast country.

Thank you for dropping in to my place so that I have found you in Scotland...

Happy days

Red Bird said...

Oh, thank you for this post, Juliet! I loved the link to tips for poetry reading and wow- I loved reading some of Mr. Morgan's poetry! I have to make time to go back and read more!

Rabbits' Guy said...

My gosh, reading poetry, nerves or no, must be a hard thing to do well!

Rachel Fox said...

If you feel it's time then it is! Enjoy it when you do it.

Lucy said...

I sometimes envy you Edinburgh, such a vibrant cultural life it has. Good luck with the performing.

...deb said...

Oh, nice! Great resource, too. Mind if I link as news at RWP?