Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bat Walk, Blackford Pond

Dusk falls. Pipistrelles among the branches above us, fluttering against the darkening sky. Their squeaks translated on the bat detector to audible sounds. The occasional dog walker passes. I wonder what their dogs think of the bats, which they can hear without the detectors.

At the pond, Daubenton's bats swoop close to the water, mesmerising to watch in the light of torches, their translated signature calls different.

Bat Walk, at Blackford Pond, organised by Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust and Lothian Bat Group


Janice Thomson said...

Gosh the Pipistrelles are adorable!

odessa said...

oh, what a lovely walk. i feel as if i was there with you.

polona said...

i'm quite fond of these critters... and see a pipistrelle occasionally arond here

Anonymous said...

Well I would truly have loved to have seen them swooping over the water. You have such an abundance of wildlife around you!