Sunday 10 February 2008

Anya's meme of 5

This is a bit silly, but having read Moose's answers to this meme over at Clare's Sunflower Sky, I thought that in memory of Anya, I would put together her answers to the questions:

1. Favourite songs/music
a) Crafty Green Poet singing me her special bunny songs.
b) the sound of dandelions being rattled in a bag
c) The theme tune to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was named after the character Anya who is scared of rabbits and here I am sitting in front of the video collection.

d) Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen - the Bunnymen!
e) The theme tune to the Teletubbies - lots of giant rabbits in teletubby land!

2. Favourite toys
a) my cardboard tunnel, I loved to sit in it!
b) small cardboard tubes to chew and throw around
c) old pillowcases to chew
d) a plastic figurine of the lion king
e) pine cones to chew and throw around

3. Favourite food
a) dandelions, dandelions, dandelions!
b) raisins
c) hay
d) grass
e) carrots

4. Favourite activities
a) posing and looking beautiful
b) running round the flat
c) binkying (the bunny dance of joy)
d) chewing
e) digging

5. Bad habits
a) chewing books (but I thought Banana Yoshimoto was a new kind of banana treat!),
b) digging in the corner of the living room (here I am looking guilty!)

c) my naughtiest moment ever was when I chewed a new organic cotton sheet - but it tasted so good and Crafty Green Poet always says how good it is to eat organic!
d) chewing carpets
e) I was too adorable to have more than 4 bad habits...

Now I tag Hugo at Yowlyy's Bunnies, Needles and Books, any or all or the rabbits who live with Rabbits' Guy and BunnyLady at A Houseful of Rabbits, any or all of the pets who live with Inland Empire Girl at Gathering Round the Table and Padma who lives with na at Shadows and Clouds. Plus anyone else who has a pet that wants to take part...


Anonymous said...

Cool bananas, what a character, chewing paused long enough to pose and look beautiful, lovely,

RG said...

Oh boy, a new challenge. We will get right to it - I'll poll the tenants!

shadows and clouds said...

Hi there! Thanks a lot, Padma says miaow and that as soon as I have a moment to help her with the computer keyboard she'll have a go at doing the meme!
It was fun to read Anya's - she looks and sounds to have been an adorable bundle of sweet rabbitness - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So sorry Anya isn't with us anymore...sigh.

You really got me with the Buffy reference. I am a die-hard Buffy fan, some people would say obsessed. Your Anya was a beautiful wee thing and sounded like a complete character. So nice to hear about her.

Anonymous said...

Buffy was my all-time favorite show.

Sorry that Anya is no more, her habits were very bunnyish.

shadows and clouds said...

hey there, i did the meme - it was fun...or rather, padma did the meme, she really enjoyed it! ;)thanks

Anonymous said...

I loved eating DKM's Banana books. Especially Kitchen!

YowlYY said...

Thank you so much for tagging Hugo! He is currently at my friend's who offered help in the bonding with Casey (news on my blog), but as soon as I can I shall get to the fun!
Anya was such a lovely girl and so bunnylike! I enjoyed reading her profile...must look through your blog to find more about her.

Crafty Green Poet said...

fiona bun - Anya's favourite was Amrita, my copy of Kitchen was hardback and too tough for her to chew!

Yowlyy - look forward to reading Hugo's answers. Hope his bonding goes well! Yes Anya was a lovely girl...

na - thanks for taking part - i enjoyed reading Padma's answers!

Selma, Brian - Buffy was a great show, wasn't it!

rabbits guy - I look forward to your rabbits answers!

gingatao - thanks

Crafty Green Poet said...

na - she was indeed an adorable bundle of sweet rabbitness

and selma - yes a complete character!

Thanks and yes we miss her!

Clare said...

Hi Crafty! I am just now catching up a bit -- and I am sooo happy you did this meme for Anya!!! The photos of her are absolutely adorable, what a sweetheart. And reading her answers had me smiling the whole time -- she sounds like she had the best personality and spirit. I sure wish pets lived longer -- our dog park has lost 3 in the last month. Thanks for doing this Crafty!

Robin Rule said...

anya by any other name is still the most beautiful bunny around...
magpie woman