Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tree Wardens

I recently noticed that a tree near where I work has had significant amounts of bark stripped from its trunk. It looks ugly and is harming the tree and now that so much of the bark is ripped off it only encourages bored youngsters (and excitable dogs!) to rip more of it off.

My concern for this tree lead me to do some research and I found the Tree Wardens, a group of volunteers who research and care for local trees in Edinburgh and work with schools and community groups to put together projects to help people understand more about trees and how to care for them. This sounds like something I might be interested in doing, I'll need to look into that!

The Tree Council organises Tree Wardens across the UK.


Janice Thomson said...

Tree Wardens - what a great idea trees are so badly abused especially with logging. The pine beetle too has done a lot of damage and it is something to see a tree destroyed by woodpeckers.

AnnieElf said...

Tree Wardens is an interesting site. Please let us know if your tree can be helped and improves.