Sunday 19 November 2023

Ravens on Arthur's Seat

 Unfortunately, there are no photos of the Ravens! There are plenty of photos of the landscape though, here is the road around Arthur's Seat

Dunsapie Loch
Duddingston Loch

 a view across Edinburgh to the Pentland Hills

Ravens nest on Arthur's Seat, but can be notoriously difficulty to see, so we were delighted to watch a pair soaring around. Soon, a flock of over fifty Jackdaws gathered to mob the larger birds. While this was happening, we realised that a Red Fox was also watching the birds! Here are two of the Jackdaws

There are plenty of mosses growing around the area, they're looking particularly green at the moment, having benefited from the ample rain we've had over the past month or so. The photo below shows Grey Cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata) and Anomolous Bristle Moss (Orthotrichum anomalum). This bristle moss is called 'Anomalous', because it is the only bristle moss that grows on rocks rather than on tree trunks.

On the way home, we saw our first flock of Waxwings for the season! Always a lovely sight (and sound!)

 If you love Arthur's Seat and the surrounding Holyrood Park, you might be interested in this consultation from Historic Environment Scotland on the future of the park

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