Monday 22 August 2022

Pilrig Park

 We've got a few days holiday and are making a staycation in Edinburgh. Today we had some shopping to do and time to visit Pilrig Park. The park was originally the grounds of Pilrig House (there's an interesting articule about the house on the Plaid heart blog here). 

Now it's a public park with children's play areas and football pitches. Plus lovely views across to Calton Hill 

Some of the 43 GiraffesAroundTown are to be found in this area of town - this one is outside Pilrig Church 

and this one is outside the Omni Centre  

which is where Edinburgh's original giraffe sculptures can also be found 

 You can see more of my photos of the Giraffes around Town in this post. I have tweeted photos of even more of the giraffes. You can follow me on Twitter @craftygreenpoet

Notably lacking from all these photos is litter. Litter is a big problem in Edinburgh at the moment, as the bin workers are on strike. We're only a few days into the strike and already bins in even the quiet areas of town are overflowing and the centre of town is generally a mess. This just proves how essential is the work of the bin workers and how they deserve to be paid a decent wage.

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