Sunday 2 May 2021

Walk This May - National Walking Month

May has become National Walking Month with Living Streets running their Walk This May campaign and the Tree Council running their Walk Where You May campaign

For those who are able to, walking is the most affordable and accessible form of transport and exercise. Many people over the past year of lockdown have discovered the benefits of walking through their #DailyExercise, one of the few reasons we in the UK were allowed to leave our homes during the strictest periods of lockdown. 

Walking is very good for our mental and physical well-being and can help us cut down on our carbon footprint and reduce pollution.

The Walk This May campaign is asking people to pledge to go on a short walk every day during the month. You can find out more and pledge here. Living Streets also have some ideas here on how to include more walking in your life, whether by holding a walking meeting (which I've done plenty of times during lockdown!) or walking to enjoy local green-spaces (which has been a habit of mine for many years). 

The Walk Where You May campaign encourages us to specifically appreciate trees while we're out and about walking and to share photos of the trees we see on social media. You can find out more here

You may not need to go far to see beautiful trees at this time of the year, these cherry trees are very close to where we live in Edinburgh! 

Where is your favourite place to walk?


Lowcarb team member said...

Walking is such a great form of exercise.
Parks are great places to walk, and this time of year so many of the trees have blossom.

Happy Walking and a Happy month of May.

All the best Jan

Jeff said...

Just took a Sunday afternoon walk down to Laurel Fork Creek and back--my favorite 5 mile walk with some nice elevation changes!

Magyar said...

__ Age, a slower walk... allows ideals to be more of nature, as we jump beyond each negative thought.

slower strides
as years clutter our pathways