Saturday 1 May 2021

The Cemeteries are in Bloom!

 Our local cemeteries are beautiful at the moment, with wildflowers and trees coming into bloom. Here's just a selection! 

In Dalry Cemetery, the crab apple tree is just coming into bloom

 as is the garlic mustard 

and the green alkanet (it's called green as its leaves stay green all year round) 

and the bluebells (though these are Spanish bluebells rather than native bluebells, or possibly a hybrid between the two)

Over in North Merchiston Cemetery, the cherry tree is looking magnificent 

as are several elm trees, now just coming into leaf, though several of them have been flowering for weeks

and the horse chestnut tree (which I studied for Tree Following last year) is in bloom 

There are also bluebells (again Spanish rather than native) in North Merchiston Cemetery, growing in profusion among the few flowered leek 

There's a nice patch of wild garlic in the cemetery, which will be in bloom soon. Few flowered leek, pretty though it is, takes over from wild garlic. 

There are lots of dandelions in this cemetery! It's easy to overlook dandelions or to dismiss them as weeds but pollinators love them (though the red tailed bee I tried to catch on camera, eluded me!). 

Meanwhile in our flat, our cactus is coming into bloom

What's in bloom in your local area?

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The Weaver of Grass said...

More or less the same and it did strike me this morning on my walk round just how beautiful dandelions are and how useful for the bees at this time of the year.