Sunday 16 May 2021

Stories and Poetry about Cats

 I'm delighted to say that one of my poems has been commended in the Dead Cat Poetry Contest. You can read the winning poems here

I have a short story in a forthcoming anthology of feminist SF about cats and bicycles in space. The book isn't due out until next February, but you can pre-order by following this link - the cover is amazing! 

Though not about cats, I also have a haiku in an anthology to celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day. You can download the anthology here.


Caroline Gill said...

What a productive time you are having! Great news.

VA said...

What an intriguing...I am on a neighborhood social media platform here in CA called Next Door and it's crammed with lost cat ads. Crammed. The cats are rarely found.

Virginia Arthur said...

I live in a CA rural subdivision (oxymoron?) which for some reason (we have very few amenities, not even a county parks system here because of our manic pro-development county government officials who want to develop every square inch of the place not to mention all the new pot farms going in, logging out our declining oak woodlands; very hard to be here now, constant heartbreak), that for some reason is the "move-to" hot spot for it feels like all of San Francisco. Getting crowded. The place to be seen and heard now is on a social media platform called Next Door; I hope some of them do not actually live "next door". (Is it in Scotland?) The newbies from the mega-city are constantly, I mean constantly, steady stream, posting about their lost cats. While we are a bit crammed in, we still have a lot of coyotes but more lethal, CARS that go 10,000 mph on the manufactured curves. They all gleefully let their cats out first thing then there go the posts, sometimes ten a day. Most of the cats are never seen again and any on my property are chased off. I may only have an acre but it's 'for the birds' thank you very much. I posted the link (to the dead cat poems) then took it down. I didn't want to take it down...but also wasn't looking forward to the indignant responses, claims of my insensitivity...and even as I type this--there's another one! "Missing. We just moved here from the Bay Area and haven't seen, XXXX, our cat for three days since WE LET HER OUT..."