Monday 12 October 2020

Tree Following October Update

We've been away for a few days, having a short break in our favourite hotel near Dumfries (an area which currently has low rates of COVID infection and a spacious hotel with adequate social distancing). I'll update on that trip in the next few days, but first I realise I'm behind schedule with the Tree Following update so here it is! 

 The tree I've chosen to follow is a horse chestnut in one of the local graveyards which we have walked through almost every day since lockdown began and since it was relaxed (and now has been tightened again). A lovely tree to study and here's the latest: 

The fungi under the tree were pretty impressive early in September - you can see just how many there were in the photo below

Taking a closer look 

I realised just recently that I haven't shared a photo that gives any sign of the wider area beyond the graveyard, so here is a view over the graveyard wall, framed by the horse chestnut tree 

Looking up into the canopy at the end of September, we could see that the leaves were definitely beginning to turn. 

I also thought it mght be interesting to include in this post a couple of photos of another horse chestnut tree. This one is in Craiglockart Dell, along the Water of Leith where in normal times I volunteer once a week to look after the river and the walkway. Over recent weeks, lockdown restrictions eased for a time, allowing me to carry out my volunteer tasks again so i took these photos of the tree

looking up into the canopy, just before autumn colours came in 

the remains of a squirrel feast on the conkers! 

Thanks to SquirrelBasket for hosting Tree Following!

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Gershon Ben-Avraham said...

I'm glad you're back and hope you enjoyed the time away. The pictures are lovely! I thought of Longfellow: "UNDER a spreading chestnut tree / The village smithy stands."