Thursday, 22 October 2020

Early Harvest - a poem for Apple Day

In the Blushing Golden sunlight of autumn
they gather in the Parkland of the Garden Royale for the Gala.
Captain Kidd, master of ceremonies, conducts
Edith Smith, the Duchess's Favourite
as she plays Jazz interpretations of Greensleeves
and Lady in Red, enjoying her time in the Limelight
while a Jester juggles in the Grove.

Cardinal von Galen appears in his Flamboyant robes
to pray to the Saints Edmund and Everard
shadowed by Reverend Morgan his long standing Rival.

Doctor Harvey is close by in case of accidents
(the Flamenco and Polka can lead to collisions!)
and keeps a wary eye on his daughter
Annie Elizabeth, Sweet Sixteen, in a Silken gown
who's enjoying a Waltz with Johnny Voun.
After the dance, the young man gives Annie
a Red Bouquet as a Keepsake (oh what a Surprise!)
and is thanked by her sweet Maiden's Blush.
Karmyn de Sonnaville wanders round, nose in the air
and Pink Pearls in her hair, followed
by the Beauties of Albany, Sutton and Hampshire
all wearing sweet scented Garlands.
“This Porter's Perfection!” says James Grieve,
the Bedfordshire Foundling, who's Tickled Pink
as he lies by the Wayside and feasts
(as he so rarely can) on Scotch Dumpling with Cinnamon Spice.

They dance until the Rosy Glow of Sunset,
then watch the Splendour of the Northern Lights come out
and Saturn and Jupiter fall into alignment.

It could have been a State Fair! A Holiday! The Diamond Jubilee or even Christmas!
They agree as they go home. Everyone speaks in dulcet tones
and dares to hope for a Bright Future, Good Fortune and ultimate Victory!

Can we then think beyond Golden Delicious
and organise a Revival?

a poem for Apple Day.

You may also be interested in Apples and People, a website devoted to the global story of apples. 


Magyar said...

whisk to a chasse
then a double reverse
three quarter time

__There is communication that grows... and speaks between the dancers. _m

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed reading this :)

All the best Jan