Thursday 15 October 2020

Threave Gardens and Nature Reserve

 The second day of our recent trip to Dumfries and Galloway, we visited Threave Gardens and Nature Reserve. We started our visit with a cup of tea and piece of cake at the outdoor cafe that gives wonderful views over the surrounding countryside (with the occasional red kite flying in the distance!).

The gardens are designated a special habitat for bats and there are sculptures of bats in some of the ponds
Threave Gardens include a walled garden, with glasshouses that contain a fish pond full of beautiful carp

The autumnal colours were beautiful

and we were delighted to get great views of two red squirrels at the feeders in the wild woodland area 

The contemplation garden is new since we last visited and is a beautiful place to sit and look at nature

the gentians are beautifully in bloom

and the decorative water features are as lovely as ever 

and it's always worth keeping an eye out for unexpected artworks like these poppy seed heads

Close to Threave Gardens is the nature reserve, which is lovely for a walk too with its riverside walk and views of Threave Castle (which is out of bounds at the moment due to COVID_19). 

Of course it's a great time of year fur fungi and they're everywhere!


Threave is a lovely place to explore when you get the chance!


RG said...

Nice tour!

When I get these vicarious visits to the "old world" I am again jolted by how there are no buildings out here where I live in the Puget Sound country that are much older than 100 years!!!

Caroline Gill said...

Another favourite spot, though sadly the boat to the castle proved inaccessible for me. Alas, we failed to see Red Squirrels in the gardens, but we enjoyed watching other wildlife from the woodland hide. What a lovely time you seem to have had, and I'm sorry my commenting has been so late.