Wednesday 2 May 2018

Granton Goes Greener

I've just started a new part time, temporary job with Granton Goes Greener, a project working to help residents in Granton, Edinburgh to reduce their carbon footprints. One of the great things about this project is that it is very practical and potentially can make a real difference to people's lives on an everyday basis. Rather than being something scary but unrelated to their lives, climate change will become something that people can tackle in their day to day activities through swapping clothes, sharing food and learning how to ride and maintain bicycles.

The project is based at Granton Parish Church which is very much at the heart of the Granton Community, being the base for several lively community groups and a nursery of children who were pretending to be firefighters on my first day in the job. The church building will also be made more environmentally friendly, but I won't be involved in that part of the work!

The work is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and  the Scottish Government's European Structural and Investment Fund.

I'm looking forward to the job and am aiming to also improve my bike riding skills (basically I can't really ride a bike!). I was perhaps overconfident in including that aim in my 'new in post' introduction post on the church website - as the Climate Challenge Fund has tweeted their interest in following my progress in learning to ride a bike properly!

If you're in Granton on the 12 May, you may want to pop along to Granton College's Community Day, which promises to be a celebration of everything in Granton! I'll be there promoting Granton Goes Greener so feel free to come along and chat! 

I'll post occasionally about this job over the next few months (at this stage the project only has a few months funding!) but mostly I'll still blog about the usual things!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Sounds a great project I wish you the best with it! It's something we will all need to look at very soon

RG said...

Those folks are in for a treat!!!

A good thing about riding a bike is that once you learn you don't forget!

Caroline Gill said...

This sounds an ideal position for you, CGP ... and, of course, I hope the bike riding goes well. What an excellent project.

Lynn said...

This is exciting news! It's a perfect job for you. I look forward to reading more about. Good luck on the bike ride journey!

Lowcarb team member said...

Sounds good.
Hope all goes well.

All the best Jan