Wednesday 2 May 2018

Don't Run Whatever You Do! by Peter Allison

 Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales Of A Botswana Safari Guide

When I lived in Malawi I went on holiday one year to Botswana, spending most of my time in the Okavango Delta. So I was immediately drawn to this book, featuring Allison's stories from his time working as a safari guide in the Okavango.

The stories are varied, including adventures that go wrong, difficult tour groups and eccentric tourists, unexpected encounters with wildlife and life with the team of wildlife guides. They're entertaining, fascinating, informative and sometimes moving stories.

I particularly laughed at one particular group of tourists, most of whom were obsessed with birds to the exclusion of all else, one member of the group not even caring about the leopard sitting near the wattled starling!

Many of the stories reminded me of my times in Africa - accidentally bumping into elephants in the dark and having monkeys steal food from your camp being just two.

This is a very entertaining book for anyone with an interest in African wildlife.

Don't Run Whatever You Do! by Peter Allison published by Nicholas Brearley Publishing. The book is published in the US as Whatever You Do, Don't Run.


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