Wednesday 7 February 2018

Felt bookmarks

I like buying random craft supplies from 2nd hand shops and then seeing what I can make from them! I recently bought some squares of thick felt which I then cut into three to make bookmarks which I've decorated with pre-cut felt shapes that came from two different packets, bought from two different 2nd hand shops. I then sewed everything together and added tassels, using embroidery thread from a stash of sewing supplies given to me by a friend.

The bookmarks are all identical on both sides and because the felt is nice and thick they're quite robust without being too thick for placing in a book. Having said that I've noticed that most felt bookmarks on sale on Etsy are made from two layers of felt sewn together so I'll look into that more.

What are your thoughts on the thickness of bookmarks? Please feel free to add your comment below! 


Gillena Cox said...

Lovely book marks Juliet. Thanks gor dropping by my blog


RG said...

I must admit not having ever thought about the thickness of bookmarks. Maybe Raspberry Rabbits Michelle has!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Juliet,

The bookmarks are lovely and I would have thought that you would not want them to be too thick and the one thickness fine.
Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Not too thick imo