Thursday 22 February 2018

48 hours without

(on a 2 day sponsored fast for charity)

I bought a bag of tangerines
for the time of breaking the fast –
they sat, glowing orange
temptation in the fruit bowl.

The first day I struggled
to remain normal, distracted
by ugly rumbles in my stomach –
signs of a deep hunger

that on the second day
gave way to dizzy light headedness,
an ability to float
above the mundane everyday.

On the forty ninth hour
I held a tangerine, its scent
spicing the air; how strangely
difficult it was to eat

to deny myself my entry
into that other existence
I had almost started
to glimpse.

Previously published as part of Gabrielle Bryden's Citrus Fiesta.  

 Meanwhile I've posted another poem on my Shapeshifting Green blog, you can read it here


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Well done you! I wouldn't have been able to manage it!

sage said...

Nice writing. I first started fasting after reading "Tobacco Road" and realizing I had never come close enough to hunger that I would fight for a turnip