Thursday 25 January 2018

Show the Love

On Valentine's Day, the Climate Coalition run their now annual Show the Love campaign. We all have the power to show the love for the places, people, and life that we want to protect from climate change.

There are many ways to do this of course but part of this campaign is the symbolism of the Green Heart. People across the UK and no doubt elsewhere craft green hearts to wear, share and display! These are the green hearts I've made for this year's campaign

The wooden heart in the middle is attached to a clothes peg and came in a birthday gift bag of craft supplies, the two cardboard hearts I bought recently from a second hand shop. The beads and thread are from my stash of upcyclable craft supplies. I painted all the hearts with poster paint, which is water soluble.

World Wildlife Fund sent me a green heart as part of this campaign a couple of years ago. It's now permanently pinned to one of my coats and is a little faded but this is what it looked like originally!

As part of the Show the Love campaign, the Woodland Trust are asking people to record signs of spring that they notice in the first couple of weeks of February. This is so that the trust can get an idea of the degree to which climate change is changing the seasons. You can read more about this here.

So what do you want to Show the Love for? Comment below for the chance to win one of the cardboard hearts shown in the top photo! 


Gillena Cox said...

luv this Green project; great idea

much love...

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

It is a very good idea, especially for misanthropes like me who prefer nature to people, generally

Gwil W said...

Alongside the roads in the Vienna Woods and elsewhere in Austria it's a common sight to see a length of gardening plastic running alongside a ditch for one or two hundred meters and some buckets. These are places where frogs traditionally cross the roads and this method means they don't get squashed. People collect the frogs in the buckets and the carry them safely across the road. There are green signs, triangles with pictures of frogs on them, which appear as if by magic. And car drivers invariably slow down take great care not to squash any stray frogs.

Lynn said...

You are so talented - the hearts you made are lovely. I think I remember your coat pin from another post. The Green project is wonderful.

sage said...

A good idea—I also look for sights of spring, not for signs of global warming, but to observe the cycles of the season.