Monday 8 January 2018

The Beauty of Frost

It's very cold today but the Dells alongside the Water of Leith look wonderful all covered in frost

frosty rosehip

frosty ivy


Janneke said...

Beautiful, it's very cold here too but the forecast is warmer in the course of the week.

Sandy said...

I think frost is prettier than snow. That rose hip is lovely.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That looks a bitter night, thought it was cold here but nothing compared to that.

Gwil W said...

I like frost. It reminds me of my childhood. Jack Frost was about and children had chilblains. And there were frost patterns on their bedroom windows in the mornings. It was all very interesting. And miraculous. And very beautiful too as the photos show.

Bill said...

Ah, yes. I remember the frost patterns Gwil mentions.

bitter cold
the frosted windows
of memory

Lynn said...

Just beautiful!