Thursday 5 October 2017

Library Cat by Alex Howard

Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking Cat

Library Cat is the cat of Edinburgh University's library. He patrols the central University area, chasing mice, allowing students to stroke him, eating pizza and searching for the ever elusive and enticingly beautiful Puddle Cat. But, because he is a thinking cat, he also thinks about the meaning of life, muses on why humans are so foolish and ponders the work of Nietzsche.

In this lovely book, illustrated with photos of Library Cat in his many moods (thoughtful, pensive, curious) the reader gets an insight into how this feline sees the world, how he feels humans are getting it all wrong for themselves and in their relationships with cats. We also get to meet his sophisticated French cousin Biblio Chat and his down to earth English cousin Saaf Landan Tom.

It's a lovely book to read, one that starts off very light hearted but that becomes increasingly  philosophical as it goes on.

My ambition now is to meet Library Cat, so I'll need to find an excuse to spend more time near the University library!

Library Cat by Alex Howard published by Black and White Publishing (2016)

Edited to add, I've just found out that Library Cat went missing soon after this book was published! There is now a new Library Cat...

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