Monday, 17 December 2012

Of Frogs and Poetry

Frog, Waving

On a rock in a river that rushes and glides
down a beautiful lonely mountainside
the last wild golden frog waves*
trying to attract himself a mate.

The biologist starts to daydream
as she walks along the mountain stream -
she remembers visiting this place before
there were frogs everywhere then, she's sure!

She wants to leave the frog here in its home
but she can't do that because she knows
to save it she has to take the frog away
from the deadly fungus coming this way.

The biologist feels there is so little hope
as she walks down the now less golden slope
to the frog hospital where lined up in cages
the last golden frogs sit quietly and wave.

* The male golden frog waves its front legs to warn off other males and to attract females. 

I've just found out that this poem got an honourable mention in the Save the Frogs Poetry Competition. Follow the link to read the winning poems and see the list of honourable mentions. 

The 2013 Save the Frogs Poetry Competition will open to entries on 15 January.  


The Weaver of Grass said...

O Juliet, so sad. There are all these horrible diseases around for all our wild life.

Ms Sparrow said...

How poignant and sad. The loss of any species is a loss to all of us.

bunnits said...

Juliet, I wish that more people could have their eyes opened by your wonderful poetry. Unfortunately, so many simply wish to remain blind, much to the detriment of our beautiful world.

Caroline Gill said...

Congratulations on your commendations, Juliet ... and thank you for bringing the plight of this unusual creature before our eyes.

My alpha 76 said...

I like the changing perspectives, from the frog's point of view and then rushing up to the biologist's ... a very dynamic piece of writing that enacts the sense of urgency in the poem as a whole. Nice!