Monday 7 November 2016

Grey in the middle of autumn colours

The autumn colours of the horse chestnut tree were the perfect frame for this grey heron on the Water of Leith today

The colours continue to be wonderful along the river walkway particularly when the sun catches them as with this beech

 Colinton Church looks lovely at the moment with the tree in magnificent colour just by the gate

Colinton Church has interesting literary connections as Robert Louis Stevenson used to spend summers here staying with his grandfather who was the church minister. And there's now a Robert Louis Stevenson trail around Colinton Village featuring his poems and a statue (you can see my blogpost about the trail here).

The pictorial wildflower meadow in Spylaw Park is still full of colour (though no insects there today as far as I could see!) and looks wonderful against the background of the autumnal colours


Janneke said...

That wildflower meadow still looks so pretty, here it's getting colder the last few days and night frost is predicted, so the gardening season comes slowly to an end.

Sandy said...

Our weather is still quite up and down, too. No flowers, here though. Beech trees are special to me. I love they way they light up the woods.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

It was lovely to have a nice long run out today, it really was. Looks great there too, rather cleaner looking river!

Gingi said...

My eyes are always drawn to the brightness... you brought them back to the gray! You are a bit of an artist in capturing moods through photos... -

Lynn said...

That's amazing you still have wildflowers there.

Love the photo of the heron - so peaceful.

Summer said...

Stunning ♥

RG said...

A great ending to the Fall there!!! There are a few flowers hanging on here and there here, but not like your wildflower fields!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Juliet,

Beautiful photos and I especially love the field of wild flowers,
Hope you are having a lovely week

Lowcarb team member said...

A nice selection of photo's here ... thank you.

All the best Jan